Swissmint ‘s Debuts New Vreneli Coin

Swissmint has released a new limited edition coin. This is the first issue that the company has made since 2007. Its design reflects the Vreneli Mountains, where the Swiss Confederation was founded in the early 1800s. The coin features a portrait of the Duke of Vreneli and a landscape surrounding the mountains. In addition, it also contains the words “Swissmint, Geneva, Switzerland”, the official Swiss mint.


On May 11, Swissmint will issue a new limited-edition Vreneli coin. This new gold coin will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 10-Swiss franc “Vreneli” coin.

The Vreneli design was created by Prof. Fritz-Ulysse Landry, a medallist from Neuchatel. He was asked by the Federal Council to come up with a new design for the coin.

Landry’s obverse design for the coin showed a female personification of Switzerland. The coin’s reverse side features a Greek cross over oak branches. A garland of flowers is also seen at the shoulders.

Aside from the female national personification, the obverse design of the coin also showed a Swiss Cross. Its diameter is 21mm and the weight is 6.45g.

The reverse side of the coin also featured a denomination of twenty francs. A legend in Latin read AD LEGEM ANNI MCMXXXXXXXI was engraved on the edge.


A new limited-edition Vreneli coin was issued on May 11, 2022. The coin is a commemorative piece commemorating the centennial of the 10-franc gold Vreneli coin, which was last minted in 1922. It also marks the beginning of a new chapter in the history of the Vreneli coin.

This gold coin is one of the most widely circulated coins in the world. Despite the fact that the production of Vreneli was discontinued in 1949, the coin remains a highly prized collector’s item.

Vreneli was first minted in 1897 and was issued in varying denominations. The 20-franc piece was the main coin minted. During its production, the coin was issued in several different designs. Some of these were not popular.

Aside from the 10-franc coin, the Vreneli was also minted in 100-francs versions. These were produced in a limited number of 5,000 pieces.

Heaviest coins of the Swiss Confederation

The Swiss Mint has issued a new limited-edition Vreneli coin. This gold coin will celebrate the centennial of the 10-franc Vreneli coin. In addition to commemorating the Vreneli’s 100-year anniversary, it will also mark the centennial of the first ten-franc gold coin.

The original design for the Vreneli was created by Fritz Ulysse Landry of Neuchatel, Switzerland. He based his concept on the female national personification of Switzerland, a symbol used in the Swiss coat of arms.

Landry was awarded 1,000 Swiss francs for the design. After that, his design became the most popular gold coin in Europe.

However, the economic crisis in the early 1930s devalued the Swiss franc by 30 percent. A solution was found to reduce the nation’s gold stocks.


The Swissmint has announced a new limited-edition Vreneli coin. This special coin will be minted on May 11, 2022. It will commemorate the centennial of the 10-franc Vreneli gold coin.

The coin design was developed by Fritz Landry. The obverse depicts a portrait of Helvetia, the female personification of Switzerland. A Latin legend, AD LEGEM ANNI MCMXXXXXXXI, is engraved above the portrait.

On the reverse, a technical drawing of the sun with solar cells is shown. The gold coin is made of 90% gold. It is 3.226 grams in size and has a gold fineness of 900 to 1000.

Despite its low production, the Vreneli is considered to be one of the most popular gold coins in the world. It was minted in various denominations between 1897 and 1949.

Secondary market

On May 11, the Swissmint will issue a new limited-edition Vreneli coin to commemorate the centennial of the last minted gold Vreneli with face value of CHF 10 in 1922. The coin will be available to purchase on the Swiss Mint website.

Gold Vreneli coins are a traditional Swiss tradition. They are produced from 90% gold with 10% copper alloy to protect the delicate surface. These coins have been a staple in Swiss numismatics for more than a century. A rare mis-oriented Vreneli can fetch a substantial price, depending on the degree of mis-strike.

As one of the first coloured coins in Switzerland, the Vreneli has become a popular collector’s item. The obverse of the Vreneli shows a female national personification of Switzerland.

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